Reduce STRESS with a Schedule? (Does it WORK?)

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So many people are working hard just to survive and make a living. However, the amount of stress they feel on a daily basis feels like it’s just becoming too much to bear. Is having a good schedule a solution to reducing the amount of stress that’s accumulating on their shoulders?

As a general rule, having a schedule can reduce the amount of stress a person feels. A schedule can help set priorities, optimize time, and give a sense of control. This depends on the overall capacity of the person, the amount of implementation, flexibility, and the reasonableness of the schedule.

If you feel like your stress has become out of control then you might want to consider creating a plan for your life and feeling in control again. Here are some things to consider before doing so…

Prioritize and Edit Your Schedule for Success

If you’re anything like me, just the idea of sitting down to create a schedule sounds like another task on the to-do list that I would rather not devote time to. However, I know that even though having to think of my week and everything that needs to get done and putting it in the right day and time takes work, it’s worth the investment.

Having your tasks in their proper day and time can minimize the pressure and stress you feel when it’s the middle of the week and you are now realizing that doing things in a “fly by the seat of your pants” routine is creating chaos and causing you to become overwhelmed and forget important things that should have been done sooner.

This is a lifestyle that can lead to you feeling like life is in control of you rather than you being in control of your life. This can cause us to feel “stuck” in life because we’re not making much progress in reaching our goals. This is a damaging routine that can lead to low self-esteem and feelings of failure.

I want to help you to overcome your negative feelings about yourself and help you to create a schedule that even though it requires a small amount of work, you reap huge rewards by giving yourself a tool that will aid you in staying on track in using your time and energy in the way you choose to use it.

Steps to creating a schedule that actually reduces your stress:

How to Stick to Your Schedule

Have you tried following a schedule in the past and it just didn’t work for you no matter how hard you tried? You’re not alone in this. Many people complain of just not being able to follow and stick to a schedule. The problem isn’t the person, it’s the schedule.

We need to be careful of over-filling our schedule. Pat on the back for being a go-getter but, if we try to accomplish more than our bandwidth can handle, we risk reaching the point of burnout. Delegate what you can but be willing to sacrifice some of your wants for the greater good of your health and happiness.

Another scheduling pitfall is a schedule that is too rigid. If you have planned your week just so that it requires absolutely precise timing and no accidents or delays for it to work-your schedule is too inflexible. We’re not perfect, the people we share this planet with are imperfect, and accidents DO happen. Schedule in some wiggle room for life to happen…traffic, a late bus, kids getting sick, etc…

Share your schedule with your family and ask them for their support in respecting the schedule by trying not to ask you to do things for them when you already have something scheduled. Good communication on your part and good cooperation on their part can make sticking to your schedule much easier.

Also, accept that your schedule is just a tool for you to use in your life…it’s not the LAW. Having the right perspective of our schedule will prevent us from becoming too bent out of shape and stressed when we’re not able to stick to our schedule perfectly, either because of us or other people in our lives.

When Your Schedule Isn’t Working-How to Fix It!

It’s perfectly fine and ok if your first several attempts at creating a good schedule to help you reduce and minimize your stress fail. It’s perfectly normal. The secret to finally getting a schedule that works for you and not against you is adapting it to what you need as you become aware of what’s working and what’s not working. But DON’T GIVE UP.

Having a schedule should give you a sense of calm and control, always knowing what is coming up next. If you fail to allow enough time for the task to get done, you may feel overwhelmed very quickly as all the unfinished tasks start to compound into the next ones. Time Management Tip: Track how long it takes you to actually get something done and schedule that amount of time, not the amount of time we think it takes us.

Maybe it’s more in our heads than we care to admit. Are you someone who expects perfection? This can lead to never completing a task because it’s not perfect. Done is better than Perfect. Be done with it and move on!

I have personally learned that when I created a schedule for myself in the past I would over-schedule, fail to allow enough time for tasks to get mostly done, become perfectionistic, treat myself like a robot, not communicate my schedule and needs, and treat my schedule like it was the LAW. Needless to say…I WAS STRESSED! You don’t need to make the same mistakes I’ve made to create a schedule that works for you and reduces the amount of stress you feel.

You can do this! Just keep in mind the motive behind your schedule. TO REDUCE STRESS.


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