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If the cold and flu season is giving you the freight’s you may wonder what you can do to prepare yourself to combat any germs that come your way. Is there an affordable way to support your immune system that also avoids any questionable ingredients?

On average, the most affordable and effective ingredients to support your immune system during the cold and flu season are garlic, ginger, turmeric, and honey. It’s essential to consume these natural immune supporters regularly. Avoid any ingredients you are allergic to or should not consume.

The good news is there are affordable, tasty, and accessible ingredients that are powerful immune system supporters! Learn how easy it really is to make your own immune-supporting supplement!

Watch me prepare this Immunity Honey Bomb!

Why Support Your Immune System in Cold/Flu Season?

You may often hear that there is nothing you can do to improve your immune system or that it could even be dangerous. However, that is misinformed and misleading. When we talk about immune support, we are not talking about a “magic bullet” or “let’s go from 1 to 1000” approach that the modern medicine model likes to apply to the body. We are talking about giving our cells the support they need from nature to be able to do their job efficiently and thoroughly.

Personally, I have an autoimmune disorder and have always fallen sick with many infections every year. For the majority of my childhood, I have been in and out of doctor’s offices and put on way too many antibiotics. Never was I or my mother asked what my lifestyle and eating habits were like. When I showed the doctor a bottle of supplements I was starting to take, he scoffed at it and said, “Those don’t work. He never gave me any advice on simple natural things I could do to support my immune system, so I wasn’t in his office so often (ha, wonder why???).

It wasn’t until I decided to stop all the unhelpful medical appointments, antibiotics, prescription pills, and creams that things began turning around for me. I decided to try a natural approach and I’m so glad I did! I went to a nutritionist and was amazed by the advice and results. She adjusted my diet and put me on supplements. I had never been so healthy (looking and feeling).

The only problem I had with the nutritionists’ approach was the awfully expensive supplements that came halfway around the world. So, I set my mind to learning about easily accessible and affordable natural preparations I could do myself. It wasn’t easy at that time to obtain that sort of information because much of the natural medicine approach had been lost, forgotten, or kept under radar for fear of retaliation from the modern medical community.

The fact is we can and should feed and treat our bodies with the right nutrients and care that it deserves and needs. If we don’t feed the right nutrients and give the proper sunlight or shade to a plant, it becomes unhealthy. Our bodies respond similarly. There is plenty of research that has been done and is ongoing about natural ingredients and practices that actually help our bodies fight disease.

During cold and flu season, usually fall and wintertime, there is a higher exchange of germs between people because we spend more time indoors with recirculated air. This is a constant bombardment on the immune system. Add to it the stress of family responsibilities or job-related problems and these germs could win the war over your immune system if you become depleted in nutrient stores because they are being used up to help you handle the stresses in your life.

It really is the course of wisdom to incorporate into your daily routine something that is easy, effective, and inexpensive to do. I especially notice I get sick way less often when I am regularly taking something that supports my immune system to do its job.

Why Natural Really Is Better

It may be tempting to just go ahead and buy the bottle of supplements off the store shelves or order a highly influencer-touted supplement but, you really would be missing out. There’s a lot that we really don’t know about what goes into supplements since they are not FDA-regulated, and companies may not want to spend the money on third-party testing.

If you make your supplement yourself with ingredients you picked out and prepared then you can have the ease of mind that the ingredients are fresh and nothing questionable has gone into it.

It’s also important to take the opportunity to learn more about plants and what they are good for. Doing research on the ingredients helps you to learn all the amazing properties of that ingredient. You may even learn that it can be used and beneficial for other remedies. Preparing your own supplement allows your imagination to open up and you could even invent other and better ways of taking immune-supporting plants.

Sadly, most of the money spent on commercially prepared supplements doesn’t go to the ones who grew or even processed the ingredients for the company. A majority of the money goes to the people on the corporate level. It’s just not fair to those that did most of the hard work.

Getting the natural ingredients for a homemade immune-supporting supplement means your money will go further as well. You can know and trust that you are consuming things that are deemed safe for human consumption and make more of it for less money. You can even use leftover ingredients for other recipes.

I use honey for the immune-supporting supplement, but extra honey can also be used in hot tea or on top of oatmeal or pancakes.

Garlic is another ingredient in my homemade preparation, but any additional garlic can be used in soups, stews, bean salads, or marinara sauce.

Ginger is another ingredient I use in the supplement, but extra ginger can go into curry dishes or smoothies. Turmeric is the last ingredient and extra turmeric can also go into curry dishes, smoothies, or a turmeric latte.

If you do not have or cannot obtain one of the ingredients, don’t worry too much. You can add extra of the other ingredients or omit them altogether if you want.

If you can’t get your hands on honey then try date syrup, molasses, or maple syrup. I cannot attest to the immune support of these other ingredients, but they will serve as a medium for the other ingredients to ferment in, which the probiotics produced do support immune function.

I would love for you to give this easy immune-supporting recipe a try and tell your family and friends about it so that they can also receive the benefits of better immune support. Bonus-you can take this preparation all year long, not just during cold and flu season!

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Start with simple natural ingredients

Naturally Support Your Immune System

Now is the time to start stocking your home with all the essentials to empower your immune system with whatever comes your way.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy brand natural products or questionable ingredients that you wouldn’t even feed your beloved family pet.

In my home, we prefer to keep it as simple, natural, and effective as possible using ingredients you can find in your local grocery store.

Give this recipe a try!

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This recipe is easy and delicious

Benefits of Garlic, Ginger, and Turmeric

Garlic, Turmeric, and Ginger may seem basic but there’s a lot more here than meets the human eye…

Ginger root has been found to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial among many of its other benefits.

Turmeric root is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-oxidant food that is enjoyed by many cultures around the world.

Garlic is proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties among many other health-promoting properties.

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Take as needed for immune support

Benefits of Honey for Cold Symptoms

Honey is anciently well known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial. Plus, you can’t beat the delicious sweetness and sore throat-coating comfort of honey.

The rest is plain and simple. Just take your finely diced ginger, turmeric, and garlic and add them to approximately 5 oz of honey.

Raw honey is preferred but not absolutely necessary.

Store your prepared mixture at room temperature; over time, you will notice how the honey has a fermenting effect on the ginger, turmeric, and garlic.

Just stir before consuming.

Your preparation will not expire if stored properly.

Do Homemade Immune Supplements Work?

While it might feel very tempting to abandon your expensive yet effective immune-supporting supplement in favor of a more natural and economical option, you may wonder if the homemade version will really be effective. After all, you really just want to give yourself a fighting chance during cold and flu season!

It’s important to know that not only does the homemade option work but it may be even more effective at supporting your immune system than any store-bought option.

The ingredients ginger, garlic, turmeric, and honey have always been touted as immune supporters in many cultures for many centuries. With good reason because we now have documented research that proves how powerful these substances really are.

In addition to the powerful nature of these ingredients, when you allow them to ferment in the honey you get the added power punch of naturally occurring probiotics. They say that a good portion of the immune system lies in the gut. Contributing to the health of your microbiome will in effect support your immune system.

Considering all these factors, we might conclude that homemade immune-supporting supplements may work even better than a store-bought option.

The freshness of the ingredients matters and we may have a difficult time figuring out how old the commercial supplement really is. Commercial supplements are also notorious for using low-quality inferior ingredients and adding cheap non-active fillers to their product. The true quality of a commercial supplement really is questionable.

How to Support Your Immune System Holistically

Approaching your immune system health in a holistic way is the best model to follow if you truly want to improve it. This includes sleep quality, movement, healthy relationships, healthy mind practices, stress management, eating the rainbow of fresh foods, and optimal hydration in addition to taking an immune-supporting supplement.

If any one of these areas is lacking, you can’t expect your body to do the job of protecting you from illness. It’s also important to know that it’s perfectly normal and healthy to get an occasional cold or flu.

In fact, your immune system needs the data that it gets from these germs to know how to fortify its army. Once your immune system gets the information about the current cold or flu it responds by sending a host of defense cells to destroy the recognized foreign organism quicker and more efficiently each time it enters the body.

Start to track the quality of your sleep, hydration, stress scores, eating habits, and so forth. You can do this with an app or track it manually. Then see where you can make improvements.

You can scroll this website for natural self-care information at any time to learn different ways to improve your health in a holistic way.

Meal planning is a great way, many people have figured out, to keep themselves on track with healthy eating. The fact that so many of us are busy beyond belief means that our well-intentioned goals can easily go array if we don’t plan and give ourselves a fighting chance.

Batch cooking is a modified version of the meal planning model that is a little easier to accomplish. If you cook rice one night, cook an entire pot, to last the whole week, instead of just one meal’s serving. Cook enough vegetables and protein options that will last enough for three or four meals instead of one meal. You get the idea… just make it easy enough to manage long-term.


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